Cutting the grass is a chore. With pro-level landscaping and real grass, you also have winter prep and post-winter grass seeding, and then maintenance to do year-round to keep your grass looking healthy, lively, and green.

The perfect alternative to all this work is synthetic turf. With synthetic turf, you have no chores or to-do list. The grass is never going to appear any lesser than it is when you lay it down and you'll never encounter any problems.

Forever healthy and green, synthetic turf is incredibly easy to maintain and is available in a wide variety of options and styles. Accent your front yard and backyard with it. Every time you look out upon your landscaping, all that you'll see is green, green grass.

In a lot of cases, you won't even be able to tell that it's synthetic in material. It suits any exterior living area without exception.

Synthetic Turf
Synthetic Turf

Another benefit of synthetic turf is that it can cover up trouble spots or areas where you might not be able to grow very much. If you have unavoidably problematic spots in your landscaping layout, dress them up with synthetic turf.

You can maintain the look and feel of your landscaping from border to border, without having to submit to a dead spot of grass, a drain, or a patch of hard earth that, typically, a homeowner or property manager couldn't do anything about.

For residential and commercial properties alike, synthetic turf adds curb appeal and makes landscaping easy. Have yours custom-sized and fitted to your space, installed in the exact size and shape you want. Artificial turf is never too big, too small, or awkward for a layout. It can be cut and made to fit flush to the ground, ensuring you receive the longevity and durability that you want.

All in all, synthetic turf is cost-effective with little to no maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and is durable.

Ask us about the possibilities of synthetic turf in your landscaping for more information on how to incorporate it into your layout.